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MCA Financial Group provided litigation support and expert testimony after franchisee’s joint partner passed away

By February 16, 2023Insights

A Southwest restaurant franchisee retained MCA Financial Group to provide litigation support and expert testimony pertaining to a lawsuit filed against the franchisee after the franchisee’s joint partner passed away. The surviving spouse claimed millions of dollars were owed to them from the company. The company owned and operated fast-food restaurants in the region.

MCA’s team analyzed the company’s financial information and historical business operations, drafted an expert report, and responded to the opposing expert’s report. MCA provided a thorough rebuttal report within a short period of time, meeting the client’s deadline. The judge found in favor of MCA’s client and noted that the testimony MCA provided was compelling and persuasive.

Several factors led to MCA’s compelling reporting and persuasive testimony: in-depth accounting knowledge, strong forensic accounting skills, deep experience with franchise restaurant business operations, and litigation services expertise; MCA’s expertise was essential to finding and reviewing the pertinent facts, independently and objectively creating a well-founded report, and giving persuasive testimony during the deposition.

Our client and legal counsel were pleased with MCA’s contributions to the case, the results, and MCA’s ability to meet the tight deadline.