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MCA Financial Group Successfully Executes Wind-Down; Maximizes Value for SaaS Marketing Company’s Stakeholders

MCA Financial Group recently demonstrated its expertise as Director and CRO in a challenging Turnaround & Restructuring case involving a California-based SaaS email marketing company with a global presence. Tasked by the secured lender and majority shareholder to oversee asset liquidation, MCA Financial Group proved instrumental in achieving the client’s objectives.

Despite encountering obstacles, including a strained relationship with management and uncooperative employees, MCA Financial Group demonstrated its investigative prowess. We collected outstanding accounts receivables, billed for services rendered but not yet invoiced, and collaborated with unsecured creditors to communicate the wind-down process. Additionally, MCA Financial Group assessed the potential value of remaining assets, such as tax credits and the email software platform.

An essential aspect of the engagement was MCA Financial Group’s direct communication with customers, ensuring efficient collections and billings. By proactively contacting former service providers, we identified any residual value in software or other assets. These proactive measures enabled MCA Financial Group to execute on our investigative work, maximize asset conversion, and generate returns for the client.

MCA Financial Group’s commitment to cost-effectively achieving the client’s goals yielded exceptional results. The engagement was executed without significant litigation, regulatory issues, or excessive costs, fulfilling the client’s desire for a trusted third party to conduct the wind-down process efficiently. The client expressed satisfaction, acknowledging MCA Financial Group’s ability to eliminate persistent obstacles. This achievement solidifies the firm’s reputation as a leading provider of turnaround and restructuring services.