Forensic Accounting & Investigations

MCA Financial Group performs detailed investigative work to uncover critical evidence used in commercial litigation, fraud, or embezzlement engagements. Our independent reports and exhibits are based on facts and supported by empirical evidence. We provide credible testimony in support of our unbiased opinions.

MCA’s expertise includes these core services:

  • Fraud & Embezzlement

    Uncover suspected fraud or embezzlement in your organization with a discreet and detail-oriented examination.

  • Accounting Irregularities

    Investigate accounting records and internal processes to uncover irregularities.

  • Financial Statement Reconstruction

    Reconstruct records and financial statements to assist in identifying and locating evidence for use in litigation.

  • Asset Misappropriation Investigations

    Investigate potential corruption and dishonesty regarding the handling of cash, inventory, investments, and other assets within your organization.

  • Evaluation of Accounting & Auditing Issues

    Provide a critical assessment of the accounting and auditing practices of the company.

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  • Success Stories

    • MCA was appointed liquidating trustee pursuant to a confirmed plan of liquidation regarding an alleged Ponzi scheme, in which owners of a concert promotion business had perpetrated a fraud involving in excess of $50 million. MCA was responsible for preparing detailed analysis of all cash sources and uses, negotiating final asset recovery and final distribution under the plan, and providing expert witness testimony in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona.

    • MCA was engaged by the lender in a non-dischargeability case against an individual Debtor for judgment of $17 million. MCA investigated historical activity and actions of the debtor, its principals and related entities, and provided expert report and testimony illustrating fraudulent financial statements and unauthorized use of loan proceeds. MCA’s independent and objective work researching the facts assisted the court in concluding that the debt was, in fact, non-dischargeable to the debtor.

    • MCA was appointed as a state court receiver over the business and operations of a subprime automotive dealer/lender that included a vehicle leasing and sales operation in Phoenix. The case relied upon MCA’s expertise in the automotive industry to investigate vehicle title transactions and movement throughout several states in order to prove fraud and other violations on the part of the company’s owners. MCA assisted in asset recovery and obtaining judgments against former owners for the benefit of creditors.

    • MCA was the lender’s advisor for a $75 million national 3PL (supply chain management solutions, logistics services, and other related supply chain driven services). The company had identified the potential embezzlement of what was estimated to be $8 million by their Chief Financial Officer. Out of cash and in an over-advanced situation with the lender, vendors had stopped shipping and operations were at a standstill. MCA helped to identify additional embezzled funds bringing the total to $16 million. MCA was appointed Chief Restructuring Officer and successfully negotiated with the lender and vendors to reestablish production and operations. With operations reestablished the bank was able to sell its note, with minimal deficiency, to a private equity buyer.

    • MCA was appointed receiver over a multi-state organization holding real estate investments, limited partnership interests, and joint ventures by a group of creditors to search, secure, and recover on assets. Lender and investor obligations exceeded $100 million and the process was highly litigious. MCA successfully recovered and monetized assets for distribution to lenders and investors.


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