Restructuring Services

MCA Financial Group works closely with each client to develop and implement a reorganization strategy and plan. Time and time again, clients have relied on our expertise to successfully navigate through the turnaround and restructuring process.

MCA’s expertise includes these core services:

  • Crisis Management

    Establish practical and strategic solutions for short term cash and operational situations that threaten the organization. Focus is both internal to the business and external to key stakeholders including lenders, customers, and suppliers and is designed to maintain an enterprise’s going concern value.

  • Cash Flow, Liquidity, & Operational Improvement

    Develop and implement decisive and practical plans to manage and monitor cash flow and working capital. Focus on cash flow improvements, accurate reporting and swift return to profitability

  • Capital Structure Analysis

    Offer in-depth analysis of an organization’s balance sheet to ensure the optimal capital structure is in place to finance the restructuring plan. Develop and implement strategies to secure the required financing.

  • Bankruptcy Advisory

    Develop and advise clients on strategies designed to successfully confirm Chapter 11 bankruptcy plans of reorganization.

  • Out-of-Court Restructuring

    Negotiate with creditors to accomplish successful outcomes in lieu of litigation or a court supervised restructuring process.

  • Business Disposition

    Create and execute exit solutions for the stakeholders, whether through sale, liquidation, or other means of salvaging value for equity owners.

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  • Success Stories

    • MCA was retained by one of the largest independent waste management companies in California. The company was in default with its lender and was running out of cash due to material losses from several non-core business investments. MCA developed and led a restructuring plan to divest of all non-core investments, implement operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve cash flow, and structure a forbearance agreement with the bank.

    • MCA was the court appointed receiver for this provider of prenatal ultrasound screening and related testing for women, with 7 locations in the greater Phoenix area. The company shareholders were in dispute over operations and ownership. The company was under investigation by regulatory agencies on billing procedures and was running out of cash. MCA led a successful negotiation and settlement with regulatory agencies, implemented revised operating and billing procedures, closed under-performing locations, and negotiated a settlement between the shareholders resulting in the sale of the company to one shareholder.

    • MCA was the court appointed receiver for a group of companies with locations in Ohio, Nebraska, and California who provided blending, packaging, and production of real dairy and dairy substitutes. The company was over-advanced on its line of credit and out of cash. Significant vendor issues existed. MCA developed and led a restructuring plan that reduced expenses and sold each facet of the business to different buyers, resulting in full payment to the bank and payment to certain unsecured creditors.

    • Faced with over $50 million in debt and cash losses, MCA successfully led the sale of non-core energy related assets and restructuring of core operations, including a feed mill, sand and gravel operation, and 3PL services in an out-of-court restructuring. Creditors were repaid and the remaining operations were properly capitalized through a refinancing.


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