Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

  • Enterprise Level Valuation Services

    Gain insight into the economic drivers of your enterprise with a valuation approach tailored to your specific business in order to derive a well-supported and accurate value.

  • Assessment of Valuation Approach

    Determine, communicate, and implement the most applicable and appropriate valuation methodology.

  • Going Concern, Liquidation, or Divestiture

    Perform valuations utilizing the appropriate premise of value in each unique circumstance.

  • Rebuttal Analysis

    Evaluate and critique valuation and damage analysis of opposing experts.

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  • Success Stories

    • MCA was retained as a valuation expert by a group of dissenting minority shareholders, who were forced to sell their shares as a result of a merger transaction carried out by the majority shareholder. MCA prepared a valuation report for the dissenting shares, prepared a rebuttal report for an opposing expert’s report, and testified in court in support of the valuation. The dissenting shareholders were ultimately awarded a judgment that was five times in excess of the amount previously paid in the merger transaction, plus fees and costs.

    • MCA has successfully qualified for and served as interest rate, plan feasibility, and valuation experts on behalf of debtors and lenders, establishing credibility in multiple jurisdictions.


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