MCA Financial Group practices nationwide, serving clients from a variety of different industries. Our experience in various industries as well as technical expertise in Corporate Restructuring, Litigation Support & Expert Testimony, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Valuation Services enable us to provide quality solutions in a timely manner.





We bring robust expertise from avionics and flight control instrumentation manufacturing, engine parts manufacturing, and repair to the airport, airline, and fixed base operations, helping companies understand their customer, supply channel, and profitability within multiple competitive frameworks and across industry segments.

Avionics Manufacturer

MCA established valuation objectives, distinguished the company among competitors, vetted strategic and financial buyers, created sale materials, established the data room, negotiated the Asset Sale Agreement, and successfully closed the transaction.


Aerospace, Airlines & Aviation
Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

MCA served as Interim Chief Financial Officer for this national aerospace parts manufacturer for approximately 10 months, on behalf of an institutional majority shareholder. MCA led business improvement plans and enhanced financial reporting. MCA supported the business sale process including due diligence, negotiations, and closing.


Aerospace, Airlines & Aviation




MCA professionals can step in to maintain farming and ag-related operations through the restructuring process; balancing the perspectives between collateral value and going concern value with the goal to benefit all stakeholders in the process.

Farming & Real Estate

Selected by extended family members who were partners in 400 acres of developable land to serve as an independent party to manage the assets and develop and execute a multi-year exit plan. Upon completion, MCA distributed cash proceeds to the family members.


Agriculture & Farming




Our proven approach equips management with unique tools to analyze and understand customer profitability, product profitability, and market trends, leading to higher-quality revenue and margins together with lower operating costs on a stronger management and employee base.

Sub-Prime Lending and Rental Car Franchisee

An absentee owner hired MCA to investigate critical liquidity crunches at two companies. MCA’s experts discovered losses stemming from fraudulent. Nine secured lenders appointed MCA to an independent leadership role. MCA took control of the companies, managed cash and operations, and developed a Plan to maximize recovery for all lenders. MCA collected on loans, repossessed and sold equipment at auction, and recovered on malpractice and other litigation matters, resulting in recoveries for creditors and relief for the borrower.


Financial Services, Banking & Lending
Auto Dealerships

The owners of the auto dealership engaged MCA Financial to review its LOI and the terms and documents of its prospective sale and building lease. MCA detailed findings in a report, which advised the seller on the terms of the sale and the proposed lease of the building to the prospective buyer, resulting in an increase in the sale price and to more favorable lease terms with the buyer.


Auto Dealerships
Customized Vehicles

MCA was engaged by counsel to serve as the economic damages expert and to analyze and rebut the plaintiff’s claims for damages. MCA’s established material errors and flaws in the plaintiff’s damages calculations and assisted the defendant’s legal counsel in prevailing on summary judgment, resulting in a dismissal for its client.


Used Car Sales / Auto Finance

MCA investigated material loan defaults and potential fraud for the asset-based lender, and was subsequently appointed receiver by the Chancery Court. MCA mobilized quickly to take control of finances, maximized collateral, and executed on the sale of the remaining loan portfolio.


Parts Manufacturing

MCA was retained as a valuation expert by a group of dissenting minority shareholders, who were forced to sell their shares as a result of a merger transaction carried out by the majority shareholder. MCA prepared a valuation report for the dissenting shares, prepared a rebuttal report for an opposing expert’s report, and testified in court in support of the valuation. The dissenting shareholders were ultimately awarded a judgment that was five times in excess of the amount previously paid in the merger transaction, plus fees and costs.


Ceramic Break Pad Manufacturer

MCA was retained by a national lender to prepare an expert report containing MCA’s opinions and to provide expert witness services, if necessary, as to whether an automotive brake manufacturer had sustained damages totaling up to $40 million as a result of its alleged inability to complete a “strategic alliance” with a national distributor of automotive parts, due to certain actions of the lender. MCA’s expert report, which established that the plaintiff’s alleged claims had no merit, was relied upon in reaching a successful out-of-court settlement for the lender.






MCA’s professionals keep a close eye on the geography of clients’ supply chains, in order to expertly advise on transportation modes and current trends.

Vehicle Rentals

This project involved a borrower who defaulted on a loan due to decreased earnings and sought a merger to meet loan requirements. The merger carried significant risk; MCA Financial reviewed the borrower’s financials and operations, evaluated loan options, and collaborated with the borrower’s team to devise a loan term structure and collateral protection measures. Leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge, MCA Financial successfully executed the merger, achieving positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.


vehicle rental
Chemical Hauler

The secured lender to a distressed transporter of bulk liquid commodities hired MCA to perform collateral review, analysis, and a valuation of the company. The PE investor decided to withhold additional funding and further complicated the workout. MCA maintained strong lines of communication with the lender and its counsel. The lender, following guidance based in our valuation and strategic and tactical input, pushed financing onto the prospective buyer, recovering the majority of its loan and avoiding litigation and a costly and unnecessary chapter 11.


Chemical Hauler

MCA was retained by the board at critical juncture in growth strategy. After opening a second 500,000 sq ft warehouse, the company ran out of cash and faced a business shutdown, as the secured lender was not willing to advance on operating losses. MCA developed and led a reorganization plan to consolidate operations, substantially reduce inventory, and adjust costs to regain breakeven cash flow. MCA led the company and the secured real estate and ABL lenders through a successful sale process via the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, resulting in full recoveries for the secured lenders and recoveries for the unsecured lenders.


Distribution, Logistics and Transportation

MCA was retained by the board at critical juncture in growth strategy. After opening a second 500,000 sq ft warehouse, the company ran out of cash and faced a business shutdown, as the secured lender was not willing to advance on operating losses. MCA developed and led a reorganization plan to consolidate operations, substantially reduce inventory, and adjust costs to regain breakeven cash flow. MCA led the company and the secured real estate and ABL lenders through a successful sale process via the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, resulting in full recoveries for the secured lenders and recoveries for the unsecured lenders.


Distribution, Logistics & Transportation




Our experts monitor rapid changes in the financial condition of oil and gas field service operations and related industries, such as OCTG. We help companies reposition assets and monetize capital equipment and inventory in order to strengthen their balance sheets and stay ahead of rapid changes in the marketplace. With a keen focus on liquidity and access to capital, MCA helps clients manage their banking and financial relationships in this volatile industry.

Utility Repair & Maintenance

A national utility repair and maintenance firm was sued by a utility for allegedly causing a catastrophic failure of a 240 megawatt power generation facility. MCA was retained by the repair firm to counter damage claims for replacement costs in excess of $35 million. MCA successfully prepared a damage analysis report that was used in the settlement process for this matter—resulting in a favorable outcome for the client.


O&G Field Services

Faced with over $50 million in debt and cash losses, MCA successfully led the sale of non-core energy-related assets and restructuring of core operations, including a feed mill, sand and gravel operation, and 3PL services in an out-of-court restructuring. Creditors were repaid and the remaining operations were properly capitalized through a refinancing.






MCA brings market insight and in-depth perspectives on lending patterns and strategies together with technology platforms, which generate increased returns on investments and improved business profitability.

Mobile Banking App

The secured lender engaged MCA Financial Group to verify the borrower’s Enterprise Value. MCA consulted with stakeholders, determined the scope and timing of the valuation, and launched into a thorough and focused assessment of the company’s industry, business model, and financial data. MCA interviewed management and investigated industry-specific M&A transactions, competitors, and financial metrics. MCA’s comprehensive valuation report established the loan balance was adequately secured, providing for future economic resilience.


Mobile Banking App
Pawn Shop/Title Loan Chain

MCA Financial Group provided litigation consulting services and forensic accounting services. MCA issued an independent and compelling expert report, testified at trial, and successfully rebutted the opposing expert opinions. The court found in favor of MCA’s client.


Financial Services, Banking, & Lending
Merchant Services Processing

MCA was retained by management and shareholders to review the already negotiated terms of its sale to a much larger strategic player in the industry. Based on MCA’s strong analysis, the client successfully renegotiated the terms of the transaction, resulting in a significantly increased purchase price and improved terms for the seller.


Financial Services, Banking, & Lending
Mortgage Servicer & Insurance Recovery Provider

MCA served as financial advisor to a subordinated debt holder as part of a $100 million capital structure, including senior term and revolving debt. MCA advised on restructuring plans and on a spin-off transaction in a successful debt for equity swap. MCA also assisted in post-transaction integration matters.


Financial Services Banking & Lending
Sub-prime Automotive Dealer-Lender

MCA was appointed as a state court receiver over the business and operations of a subprime automotive dealer/lender that included a vehicle leasing and sales operation in Phoenix. The case relied upon MCA’s expertise in the automotive industry to investigate vehicle title transactions and movement throughout several states in order to prove fraud and other violations on the part of the company’s owners. MCA assisted in asset recovery and obtaining judgments against former owners for the benefit of creditors.


Financial Services, Banking & Lending




Monitoring changes in inventory, liquidity, and companies’ working capital is a key strength MCA brings to its clients. Industries that rapidly fluctuate with consumer preferences and trends must also maintain reactive liquidity and capital structure. MCA has the team and knowledge to stay on top of changes.

Fast-food Franchise

After the franchisee’s joint partner passed away, the surviving spouse claimed millions of dollars were owed to them from the company. MCA analyzed the company’s financial information and historical business operations, drafted an expert report, and responded to the opposing expert’s report. MCA provided a thorough rebuttal report within a short period of time, meeting the client’s deadline. The judge found in favor of MCA’s client and noted that the testimony MCA provided was compelling and persuasive.


Fast -Food Franchise
Food Processing

MCA was the court-appointed receiver for a group of companies with locations in Ohio, Nebraska, and California that provided blending, packaging, and production of real dairy and dairy substitutes. The company was over-advanced on its line of credit and out of cash. Significant vendor issues existed. MCA developed and led a restructuring plan that reduced expenses and sold each facet of the business to different buyers, resulting in full payment to the bank and payment to certain unsecured creditors.


Food Service and Franchising
Restaurant / Brew Pub Franchise

MCA was retained as an expert witness by the Franchisee of this national restaurant chain when the Franchisor breached the franchise agreement non-compete zone. MCA successfully developed a damages theory that was accepted by the court at trial.


Food Services & Franchising
Restaurant Franchise

MCA developed a 36-month “pandemic” plan, which became critical for the survival of this restaurant operator that had been impacted severely by the pandemic. MCA’s forward-looking strategy included restructuring both the senior and subordinated lenders’ notes and ensuring survival and sustainability for the client, its lender partners, and its suppliers.


Food Services & Franchising
Fast Casual and QSR

MCA Financial played a key role in financing for a national restaurant chain with over 100 locations.  The SBA’s Main Street Lending Program — Expanded Loan Facility or MSELF provided an excellent restructuring solution for this pre-pandemic healthy company needing a bridge to better times.


Food Services & Franchising




MCA brings a keen focus on cash flow within the gaming, leisure, and hospitality segments. Our deep understanding of profitability by line of business within an enterprise is a critical factor to success. MCA’s professionals address this dynamic and are well-positioned to analyze cash flow and match it to capital structure to maximize our clients’ successes.

Hotel Portfolio

MCA was retained by the majority shareholder of a limited-service hotel portfolio. A State court issued a fraud judgment against the shareholder and the Ch. 11 was needed to stay collection and present the Bankruptcy Court with a plan of reorganization to address the claim. MCA lead the reorganization process and assisted with all aspects of plan development and negotiations with secured lenders, suppliers, employees, and the claimant.


Gaming, Leisure, and Hospitality

MCA is engaged by the debtor as a financial advisor to assist with all aspects of a Chapter 11 restructuring plan and to provide testimony during bankruptcy proceedings. After the Chapter 11 Plan confirmation, the Debtor retained MCA as Disbursing Agent.


Gaming, Leisure, and Hospitality
Ticketing and Fan Engagement Technology

Retained to serve as CRO and as an independent director. MCA guided the continued operations of the business and procured a loan through the PPP program, recapitalized the company, and effectuated an orderly transition with near full recovery of senior debt.


Gaming, Leisure & Hospitality
Concert Promotion Business

MCA was appointed liquidating trustee pursuant to a confirmed plan of liquidation regarding an alleged Ponzi scheme, in which owners of a concert promotion business had perpetrated fraud involving in excess of $50 million. MCA was responsible for preparing a detailed analysis of all cash sources and uses, negotiating final asset recovery and final distribution under the plan, and providing expert witness testimony in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Arizona.


Gaming, Leisure & Hospitality




Our team helps healthcare providers both understand and maximize their organizational structure and cash flow cycles. We proper leadership structure within the organization to ensure regulatorily compliant operations together with sound billing practices.  Together, these actions generate positive results and outcomes for our healthcare clients. MCA also advises healthcare providers on obtaining proper working capital and equipment financing to support their business.

Clinical Laboratory Testing

A dispute arose between our client and a private lender over payments of principal and interest calculated pursuant to a promissory note, Within a short timeframe, MCA developed a detailed plan that included a multi-year accounting reconstruction, analyzing profit and cost of sales, reviewing the plaintiff’s expert report, and delivering an expert rebuttal. MCA found 3,000+ missing or incorrect postings, including $3 million of income. The result was a successful settlement for our client.


clinical lab testing
Group Home For Teenagers

MCA investigated a $2M damage claim against an Arizona company that ran group homes for teens. The plaintiff claimed her interest was unfairly reduced, causing losses. MCA found the plaintiff agreed to the amendment that decreased her interest and did not suffer losses. MCA analyzed financial statements, profitability, and occupancy levels of each home, and developed a financial model to illustrate the economic impact. The engagement showcased our expertise in financial analysis, modeling, and litigation support.


Group Teen Home
Dermatology Medical Practice

MCA Financial’s team identified risks and hurdles that could impact the valuation and acquisition. Requisite information on the target company and pertinent industry data were collected, verified, and analyzed within the context of both current and anticipated market conditions and against recent comparable medical practices and group transactions. A quick and efficient due diligence allowed our client to negotiate well in advance of closing and strengthened their position during the process. The client closed the deal with confidence and clarity.


Dermatology Buy Side
Dermatology Practice

MCA was retained to review and advise on a proposed merger. Working with professionals on both sides, MCA extracted data and information to determine the merger’s efficacy. Pre and post-merger shareholder interests, valuation methodology, the merit of the transaction terms, and the merger agreement were scrutinized. MCA found that the treatment of its client was fair and reasonable and that their interests were represented in the agreement, Platinum’s physician shareholders approved the merger.


dermatology practice
Community Hospital

The hospital opened without requisite working capital and soon faced a financial crisis. The secured debt was funded through an EB-5 Visa program, a USCIS program for foreign investors created to stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation and capital investment. Approximately 112 foreign families pursuing green cards comprised the $56 million EB5’s debt.
Strong knowledge of hospital operations and hospital finance was critical to developing an effective restructuring plan, especially given stakeholders’ complex and varied interests. Partnering with hospital consultants, MCA established and secured a senior real estate lender to fund operations and the restructuring plan.


Community Hospital
Physician Group Medical Practice

Hired by both parties in a divorce, MCA’s professionals completed a business valuation of a multi-physician medical practice. MCA analyzed the financials, interviewed the parties, researched the industry and the market, addressed growth options, and selected a valuation approach, given the circumstances and factors of the case. MCA’s attentive team managed the situation impartially and with care, effectively communicating the findings to the parties and delivering a thorough and objective business valuation that served as a basis for the divorce settlement.


Physician Group Practice
Neutraceutical Supplements

MCA Financial was retained to review the annual forecast and conduct a business assessment with a focus on liquidity and cash flow improvements for a company facing liquidity concerns tied to supply chain constraints and labor shortages. MCA analyzed the company’s data, its revenue and cost inputs, and projected financials and additionally identified opportunities for improvements within the operations. A 13-week cash flow and detailed analysis along with steps to maximize profitability and meet projected financials were presented to the company and its lender, advising the company on a path toward liquidity and growth.


Neutraceutical Supplements
Physician Group Medical Practice

Retained to investigate inappropriate accounting and payments by a partner in this practice. MCA’s report was utilized and relied upon by the physician group’s outside counsel in mediation to effectuate a settlement, saving the physician group considerable time and costs.


Healthcare & Neutraceuticals
Attendant Healthcare Services

MCA completed the sale of an attendant care services company that was affiliated with Arizona’s Medicaid program, AHCCCS. Retained by the owner, MCA’s team conducted a thorough valuation of the business, determined a price range, and created marketing material, highlighting the business operations and financials, as well as providing industry and market background.


Healthcare & Neutraceuticals
Prenatal Imaging Centers

MCA was the court-appointed receiver for this provider of prenatal ultrasound screening and related testing for women, with 7 locations in the greater Phoenix area. The company shareholders were in dispute over operations and ownership. The company was under investigation by regulatory agencies on billing procedures and was running out of cash. MCA led a successful negotiation and settlement with regulatory agencies, implemented revised operating and billing procedures, closed under-performing locations and negotiated a settlement between the shareholders resulting in the sale of the company to one shareholder.


Healthcare & Neutraceuticals




We draw on sophisticated financial modeling and analytics to thoroughly asses customer and product profitability within the manufacturing environment. Our professionals both strategically and skillfully manage customer and supplier negotiations, resulting in improved revenue and margins and reduced input costs.

Metals Recycling

We conducted a business valuation for a client in a partnership dispute, which involved a scrap metal recycling company that exported products to Asia. By conducting industry research, analyzing financials and commodity prices, and visiting the site, we arrived at a more accurate valuation than that of the opposing expert. Our work facilitated a settlement that closely matched our valuation, showcasing our expertise in dispute resolution, mediation, and business valuation.


Metal Recycling
Personal Mobility Devices

MCA stepped in as CRO and Sell-Side M&A Advisor after a storm of factors created a severe cash-flow crunch for the company and the shareholders decided to restructure and sell the company. MCA stabilized cash flow, navigated complex supply chain and market conditions, and set a path for a successful sale process. MCA vetted competing offers from strategic buyers and drove the sale process while working with management to run the business. The company was sold, exceeding the Seller’s expectations.


Personal Mobility
Antibacterial Wipes

Our client’s joint venture partner breached its contract, causing a severe cash crunch. MCA negotiated with creditors, sourced DIP financing, managed cash flow, and advised on the confirmation of a Ch. 11 plan. Transparency and reliable communication with stakeholders facilitated the Chapter 11 process. MCA vetted a strategic buyer, worked with management to negotiate the deal, and completed a successful sale, keeping the former owner/CEO in a leadership role and creating a path to repay key suppliers and unsecured creditors.


Antibacterial Wipes
Steel Fabrication & Erection; Construction Management

Before advancing additional funds, the senior lender engaged MCA to verify the borrower’s business operations and collateral. MCA worked with key personnel to attain information and data. We examined the accuracy of company-produced unaudited financials, borrowing base data, assets, and AR, reconciling cash activity and scrutinizing current contracts. We identified third-party customer contracts and validated existing equipment, inventory and operations. Swift deployment of MCA’s talented team led to delivery of a thorough report to our client.

$15MM • AZ, NV, UT, CA

Steel Fabrication
Manufacturer of Mobile Antennas

MCA was appointed Receiver during a shareholder dispute to oversee and maintain operations and lead the company through a court-ordered dissolution process. MCA lead operations and managed a successful sales and marketing effort for the business resulting in a Court-approved sale.


Manufacturing & Industrial
Bar/Liquid Soap Manufacturer

MCA was retained by a secured lender to assist in navigating through a material loan default by its borrower on a $40 million loan commitment. The borrower was suffering losses and MCA developed strategies to trigger a recapitalization of the company including a 100% repayment to MCA’s client.


Manufacturing & Industrial
Remanufacturer of Toner Cartridges

After material industry changes, MCA was appointed Receiver to manage operations and lead a sale process in an effort to repay creditors. MCA’s efforts resulted in 100% recovery for all secured lenders and reduced recoveries for unsecured creditors. Neither would have been accomplished through a straight asset liquidation and MCA’s ability to maintain the operations while leading a sale process greatly enhanced value.


Manufacturing & Industrial
Communications Equipment

MCA was retained by management to perform a valuation of the company, in conjunction with a buy-back plan from minority shareholders, of this formerly publicly traded firm. MCA completed the valuation and prepared a valuation report that was distributed to the minority shareholders along with a tender offer. Management was successful in completing the repurchase of minority shares at a defensible value, which was mutually beneficial for the company and the minority shareholders.


Manufacturer & Industrial
Flight Control Displays

MCA was retained by an international manufacturer of flight control systems to lead and manage the spin-off of a sophisticated display manufacturing subsidiary as part of a management buyout transaction. MCA performed valuation services, negotiated the transaction, and managed the process through closing—including work on ITAR and other State Department issues, given the military and defense components of the business.


Manufacturer & Industrial




Service-based businesses often struggle for sources of appropriate financing due to a lack of tangible collateral and asset base. MCA successfully works to obtain appropriate financing that matches its clients’ needs with the appropriate source of capital.

SaaS Marketing

MCA managed a complex asset liquidation for a secured lender and majority shareholder. MCA investigated receivables, billed for un-invoiced services, and assessed the value of remaining assets. Direct communication with customers and proactive contact with service providers maximized asset conversion and returns. With a commitment to cost-efficiency, MCA fulfilled the client’s desire for a smooth, efficient wind-down process without significant litigation or regulatory issues.


Saas Marketing

Retained by Secured Lender after payment default by the borrower. MCA was appointed as a Responsible Party by the Bankruptcy Court in NY to oversee and maintain operations during the pendency of the Ch. 11 cases. Lender credit bid to own business and retained MCA to manage and rebuild profitability and then manage the business sale process two years later.


Marketing & Media




Knowing how to maximize cash flow through changing economic cycles is paramount to achieving and maintaining healthy operations. MCA helps management anticipate cyclical impact and implement smart strategies for maximizing cash flow.


MCA was retained to develop and implement an operational restructuring plan together with management and advise on loan restructuring and financing. With management, successfully reduced excess working capital, restructured or eliminated unprofitable customer relationships, and improved EBITDA.


Sand & Gravel Operations

MCA Financial served as the exclusive advisor to the owner of a large, strategically important construction aggregates operation located in Arizona. MCA’s team managed the entire sale process and facilitated the due diligence and negotiations with the buyer, remaining client-focused, strategic, and thorough throughout this critical process. Numerous purchase offers were received, and a successful transaction closed in late-2020.


Mining & Natural Resources


Real Estate


MCA has deep-rooted hands-on experience in operating and maintaining multiple classes of real estate assets. MCA’s expertise truly lies in its ability to successfully maintain and improve real property assets during a restructuring process. MCA leads and manages real property sales throughout the United States.

Commercial Development

MCA Financial Group was hired by a family office to perform due diligence and the valuation of a 200MM real estate investment opportunity. MCA’s team’s real estate industry experience was key in its ability to quickly and expediently evaluate and report on the investment opportunity, empowering its client to proceed with confidence and resolve.


Real Estate & Construction
Real Estate

MCA was appointed Receiver by the rightful owner through a foreclosure sale. Prior owner claimed the sale was defective and MCA was appointed by the State court to control the real property, its use, and maintenance during the pendency of the dispute.


Real Estate & Construction
Commercial Office

MCA was engaged as receiver and property manager by the secured lender. The three-story building was 60% occupied at an appointment with deferred maintenance issues. MCA worked through its standard receivership checklist, identifying irregularities between the bank statements and balance sheet cash accounts. At the request of the lender, MCA drilled down to discover nearly $150,000 had been diverted from the operating account to the borrower and several vendors. MCA worked with counsel to get the monies returned to the lender.


Real Estate & Construction

During the 10 month engagement at Lumiere, MCA sold 3 condominiums and turned an operating loss into an operating profit with hands-on management and successful expense controls. Lumiere is located at the base of Telluride Mountain in the Mountains Village community. The boutique hotel offers the finest in luxury accommodations.


Real Estate & Construction

As receiver and property manager of the Super 8 Goodyear, MCA has successfully transitioned operations from the borrower to the receiver. Since MCA’s appointment, the Super 8 Goodyear has reported 6 profitable months resulting in a successful sale. The Super 8 Goodyear is a 90 room limited-service motel built in 1986 and is located 15 miles from downtown Phoenix.


Real Estate & Construction

MCA was appointed receiver over a multi-state organization holding real estate investments, limited partnership interests, and joint ventures by a group of creditors to search, secure, and recover on assets. Lender and investor obligations exceeded $100 million and the process was highly litigious. MCA successfully recovered and monetized assets for distribution to lenders and investors.


Real Estate & Construction




MCA has worked with regional and national retailer and consumer products companies through a wide range of restructuring and M&A processes. Our team expertly performs store-level profitability analysis and assess product profitability, which help provide clients the details and guidance they need to successfully negotiate their refinancing and sales transactions. MCA’s experience with real property lease negotiations and restructuring additionally provides crucial support and guidance to clients.

Online Wine Club

MCA Financial Group served as financial advisor to an online premium wine retailer and club. MCA assisted the debtor in planning for and executing a small business subchapter V bankruptcy reorganization, which necessitated both accelerated deadlines and a faster confirmation of the debtor’s plan of reorganization. MCA’s debtor advisory and valuation expertise were instrumental in getting the bankruptcy plan confirmed in three months. The plan paid all trade creditors in full, preserved customer deposits, and led to a successful go-forward plan.


Online Wine Club
Consumer Goods

MCA ran the operations and managed a fast, but complex, business sale process. MCA created a 13-week ABC budget with approval of the secured lender; identified key transition obstacles and generated practical solutions to avoid delays; ensured all parties adhered to the agreed-upon plan and timeline; and led the smooth transition of merchant accounts, vendor relationships, employees, and employee benefits. The concern sale closed in less than 30 days.


Apparel Manufacturer and Direct Sales

Retained by Secured lender to assist and oversee business wind-down and sale of assets. MCA Financial Group’s retail industry expertise, keen handling of shifting market conditions, and commitment to collaboration with management were key in the successful development and execution of a revised liquidation strategy.


Retail & Consumer Products
Grocery Store

MCA was retained by a West Texas family to value and sell a multi-store grocery operation. MCA determined the appropriate range of values, then went to market in a targeted effort to seek the appropriate buyer. MCA led the negotiation and successfully managed the process through closing.


Retail & Consumer Products




As a court-appointed receiver, MCA Financial has operated senior living facilities through challenging periods. Our extensive understanding of the operations and profit centers within senior living and our deep understanding of the regulatory environment positions us to effectively serve in this capacity. As receivers of living centers and hospitals, we patiently work with the families of residents and are familiar with licensing and regulatory issues specific to the industry that ensures uninterrupted operations.

Senior and Assisted Living

MCA was retained by the owner and manager of a portfolio of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities to assist with lender negotiations and board governance. MCA provided advice on financing, financial planning, and restructuring.


Senior Living




MCA Financial adds strategic value to clients through extensive industry experience. Our specialized tactical strategies equip business owners with the knowledge and information they need to execute on franchise operations and business services, helping them to identify higher-value clients and successfully focus their business around those segments. Focused strategy and industry expertise bring about the reduction of less profitable or unprofitable segments and an increase in growth.

Pet Cremation Services

MCA Financial’s expert knowledge and depth of experience working on M&A transactions were essential to delivering exceptional results and exceeding our client’s expectations. This engagement was particularly noteworthy since the original buyer was unexpectedly acquired by its largest competitor in the middle of the sale process, resulting in wholesale change in the identity of the buyer.  This unforeseen development created new and unique issues to overcome, including an entirely new due diligence review process and renegotiation of previously agreed upon deal terms.  Irrespective, with MCA Financial’s advice and guidance, the sale closed on the terms originally agreed to between MCA’s client and the original buyer.


pet cremation
Car Washes

MCA was engaged by the lender in a non-dischargeability case against an individual Debtor for a judgment of $17MM. MCA investigated the historical activity and actions of the debtor, its principals, and related entities, and provided expert reports and testimony illustrating fraudulent financial statements and unauthorized use of loan proceeds. MCA’s independent and objective work researching the facts assisted the court in concluding that the debt was, in fact, non-dischargeable to the debtor.


Car washes
Plastics Recycling

MCA was appointed Receiver to oversee and maintain operations and assist in the resolution of a shareholder dispute. MCA restored the accounting and reporting operations, and lead the shareholders through to a negotiated resolution.


Services & Franchising
Blood and Drug Testing Services

MCA Financial was asked by the secured lender to step in and attempt some form of business sale, ensure data security and data retention, and execute on final customer billing and collections.


Services & Franchising

MCA was retained by a business brokerage firm that was being sued by the buyer in a post-transaction dispute regarding the standard of care. MCA analyzed the relevant documents and accounting records and interviewed the business owners to assess the merits of the buyer’s alleged claims. MCA’s expert report and expert testimony led the court to rule in favor of MCA’s client.


Services & Franchising
Ice Cream Stores

MCA provided business valuation services to the board of this firm to assist the board in an independent determination of fair market value during a business sale process. MCA’s analysis included in excess of 1,400 store locations, including both franchisee and company-owned stores.


Services & Franchising
Waste and Recycling

MCA was retained by one of the largest independent waste management companies in California. The company was in default with its lender and was running out of cash due to material losses from several non-core business investments. MCA developed and led a restructuring plan to divest of all non-core investments, implement operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve cash flow, and structure a forbearance agreement with the bank.


Services & Franchising




MCA works with technology firms to help them understand the business cycles tied to their technology platforms and how to systematically convert their capabilities into recurring revenue streams.

Flight Control Displays

MCA was retained by an international manufacturer of flight control systems to lead and manage the spin-off of a sophisticated display manufacturing subsidiary as part of a management buyout transaction. MCA performed valuation services, negotiated the transaction, and managed the process through closing—including work on ITAR and other State Department issues, given the military and defense components of the business.


Manufacturer & Industrial



& More

The MCA Financial Group is always taking on new projects. If you have a project that requires a team of proven financial professionals in an industry or market not listed here, contact us today. Our team will connect with you to review your project, and offer sound solutions.