Kosta Michailidis is a Senior Associate at MCA Financial Group, where he brings a strong background in corporate accounting, investment analysis, data analytics, microeconomic theory, and financial and statistical modeling. Kosta is driven by a genuine curiosity for continuous learning and has a passion for creative problem-solving.

Before joining the team, Kosta gained valuable experience in accounting while working at a property management firm. There, he managed the day-to-day accounting operations and handled monthly financials for a portfolio of 12 multi-family residential properties. Additionally, he interned with an asset holding firm, where he focused on investment financial analysis using financial modeling to evaluate the performance of publicly traded firms and determine their valuation.

Kosta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Northern Arizona University and a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Arizona. During his master’s program, Kosta also served as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, where he worked collaboratively with students and instructors to enhance the student-faculty relationship and improve the delivery of class material.

Outside work, Kosta is an avid sports fan and enjoys cooking and traveling.

Kosta Michailidis