About Walter


Walter Facen IV serves as a Director at MCA Financial Group, bringing a robust skill set in financial budgeting, inventory valuation, and risk analysis. With a diverse career background encompassing the government, manufacturing, and banking sectors, Walter offers sophisticated financial strategies that elevate performance and create sustainable value for our clients.

Prior to his role at MCA, Walter gained significant experience in the manufacturing industry, holding positions such as Senior Accountant, Operations Analyst, and Controller. In these capacities, he prepared monthly financial reports, conducted in-depth cost analyses, led initiatives to correct inventory inefficiencies, established transparent financial operations, and resolved complex collection discrepancies.

Walter has proven his leadership capabilities by steering vendor-customer settlements and developing budgeting frameworks for optimized resource allocation. Further enhancing organizational efficiency, he collaborated with software architects to roll out automated processes. These efforts led to measurable improvements in operational workflows and financial management systems.

He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Accountancy from Western Michigan University, providing a solid educational foundation for his applied financial expertise.

Walter enjoys quality time with family and friends outside his professional endeavors, and enjoys traveling and playing baseball.

Walter Facen IV