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MCA Serves As M&A Advisor To Local Pet Cremation Business

By October 4, 2022Insights

MCA Financial Group was engaged to serve as M&A advisor to the owner of an Arizona-based pet cremation business. MCA prepared a valuation for the purpose of determining a fair price for the business, assessed the market conditions, identified and contacted credible buyers, facilitated due diligence reviews, and managed the entire sale process through the successful closing of the transaction.

MCA Financial’s expert knowledge and depth of experience working on M&A transactions were essential to delivering exceptional results and exceeding our client’s expectations. This engagement was particularly noteworthy since the original buyer was unexpectedly acquired by its largest competitor in the middle of the sale process, resulting in wholesale change in the identity of the buyer.  This unforeseen development created new and unique issues to overcome, including an entirely new due diligence review process and renegotiation of previously agreed upon deal terms.  Irrespective, with MCA Financial’s advice and guidance, the sale closed on the terms originally agreed to between MCA’s client and the original buyer.