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MCA engaged by wholesale distributor of steel products to secure new $20MM revolving line of credit

By June 12, 2023Insights

MCA Financial Group was engaged by a leading wholesale distributor of steel products to secure a new $20 million revolving line of credit. A foreign corporation owned the company, and MCA Financial’s comprehensive understanding and effective communication of the ownership structure and related operational intricacies were crucial to securing a new credit facility.

MCA Financial’s team reviewed the company’s financial information and meticulously analyzed financial statements and borrowing base loan availability. Leveraging its expertise, MCA developed a comprehensive financial projection model, encompassing vital components such as the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, key industry covenants, and loan availability. To attract potential lenders, MCA Financial Group prepared a confidential and informative memorandum reflecting the information lenders and investors require. We collaborated closely with the company to identify potential lenders and discuss potential capital sources.

MCA Financial Group negotiated a compelling proposal letter with the most qualified lender. Working with legal counsel, we ensured that the final loan documents reflected market conditions, aligned with the original proposal, and met our client’s long-term needs. Given the intricate nature of negotiations and documentation, MCA Financial Group facilitated productive and focused discussions between the lenders and the company’s lawyers. Our team arranged and led meetings with key decision-makers throughout the engagement, recognizing that effective communication would expedite progress.

Our expertise in developing a concise and focused Confidential Information Memorandum, supported by a reliable projection model, provided lenders with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial position and future needs resulting in favorable term sheets from lenders and, ultimately, a final agreement.

With attention to detail and a commitment to surpassing our client’s expectations, MCA Financial Group completed the financing within the predetermined timeframe and on terms established at the onset of the engagement. Our navigation of the complexities of lender negotiations and legal discussions highlights MCA Financial Group’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results and exceeding client objectives.