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MCA Provides Litigation Support and Damages Assessment in Transportation Surety Industry

By November 30, 2023Insights

MCA Financial Group was engaged by a national firm specializing in providing surety bonds to the transportation industry. The firm had initiated legal proceedings against its former lawyer, alleging breach of fiduciary duty, malpractice, and fraud. The core claim was that the former lawyer had orchestrated actions to transfer ownership away from the client for personal gain. This situation unfolded over eight years and posed significant complexities.

One of the significant challenges in this case was the temporal complexity. The extended timeline made it difficult to reconstruct the sequence of events and quantify damages. Additionally, the passage of time and the defendant’s uncooperative behavior hindered obtaining crucial financial records.

MCA Financial Group’s expertise proved instrumental in addressing these challenges. Proficiency in forensic accounting enabled MCA’s team to identify irregularities, trace asset movements, and calculate damages precisely. Industry knowledge of the transportation surety business allowed the effective navigation of complexities. MCA’s commitment to creative problem-solving involved close collaboration with the client in exploring alternative information sources supporting the damages claim.

MCA Financial’s exceptional performance exceeded expectations. We delivered a clear and supportable damages report that laid out the case cogently. Our testimony and ability to communicate complex financial analysis clearly and concisely stood out. During the jury trial, MCA Financial Group’s team successfully defended opinions during cross-examination, validating our client’s claims and reinforcing MCA’s reputation as a premier financial consulting partner.