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MCA spearheads the sale process of a physical therapy practice

By December 7, 2023Insights

MCA Financial Group was engaged to spearhead the sale process of a physical therapy practice with two locations in Arizona.  The owner sought to sell due to a significant increase in Medicare and insurance billing complexities and persistent industry-related staffing challenges.  Additionally, the owner wished to pursue other ventures.  MCA’s team recognized the need for a strategic shift in ownership.

MCA’s involvement commenced with a comprehensive assessment. They thoroughly analyzed the business and the industry landscape, examining financial records and evaluating market dynamics.  MCA established clear valuation goals, aligning client expectations with market realities. Armed with a precise understanding of the business’s value, they compiled a targeted list of potential buyers.

The sale process began with MCA vetting potential purchasers and ensuring confidentiality through signed Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). They provided prospective buyers with comprehensive materials illuminating the business’s value proposition and growth potential.  MCA’s negotiation skills were pivotal as they crafted sale documents and negotiated terms with interested parties.

The journey was not without its challenges.  When a potential buyer withdrew from the deal at the eleventh hour, posing a significant setback, MCA swiftly re-entered the market, successfully securing a sale.  The buyer appreciated MCA’s commitment, responsiveness, and dedication to the deal’s success.

This case exemplifies MCA Financial Group’s proficiency in successful M&A transactions within the healthcare sector, particularly in addressing complex medical billing, collections, and staffing challenges.