Carrie is the Director of Operations and Strategic Planning. Since MCA Financial Group’s inception in 2000, Carrie has taken on various supportive roles, including overseeing the build-out of MCA’s offices, recruitment, and website development. Before expanding her role at MCA Financial Group in 2020, Carrie opened and operated a luxury women’s lingerie and sleepwear boutique in Phoenix, creating the brand, managing all aspects of the business, and growing a loyal clientele. Carrie sold the operation in December 2019. Carrie has volunteered for and continues to be involved in many local nonprofits, helping to better the community through hands-on work and by serving on boards and committees.

Carrie graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Sociology. She earned a Master of Arts in Sociology from New York University, specializing in criminology, law, and family. As adjunct faculty, Carrie taught courses in sociology at NYU, Gateway Community College, Arizona State University, and South Mountain Community College.

Carrie is the mother of three wonderful children, a tri-colored Australian Shepherd, and one desert tortoise. She enjoys traveling, gardening, playing piano, and running. She is married to (and closely supervises while out of the office) MCA’s president, Morrie Aaron.

Carrie Aaron